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The objectives of the SA TRIODOS the coming years include:

• the expansion of its business, consultancy, project management and construction in the Balkan region (through subsidiaries and partnerships with third parties) by undertaking projects such as:
- Construction projects (houses, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, entertainment and shopping centers, etc.)
- Electrical Works
- Port and Drainage Projects
- Communications Projects

• the focus of its activities in Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources, specialized in consultancy services including:
- Solar Parks. (Recently had been developed and is now available in Greek market the innovative support system solar modules, photovoltaic stations, Helios Tree)
- Wind
- Biomass Projects
- Biofuels

• extension to the consultancy activities in information technology, new technologies in general and communication systems, as well as providing educational services for installation, operation and support of high technology.
• improve the organization and quality of service, so you can meet the increased standards and quality of projects.

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