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ΤΡΙΟDΟΣ S.A., a commercial, Design and Construction Company was founded in 2004 by Mr. Michael Lampos, Mr. Konstantinos Lampos and Christos Lampou (FEK 3452/29/4/2004). The headquarters are in Pallini-Athens-Greece (Efedron Aksiomatikon 3). The company is registered in the Companies Register of the M inistry of Commerce with number 58599/04/V/59.

The Company operates from its foundation in the area of private engineering (construction, road construction, electromechanical, etc.). The company has extensive experience in all kinds of technical projects. The senior executives of the company are us follows:

Michael Lampos, Chairman of the Board with experience in the field of human resources management.

Contantine P. Lampos, C.E.O. Civil Engineer (AUTH 1985). CEO with extencive experience in all kinds of public and private structures.

Savvas Pourtoulidis.

The Company is managed by the headquarters, which houses the Departments and planning is conducted, the administration and generally the support of the projects.

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3, Efedron Aksomatikon Str, Pallini, Attica
Greece Τ.Κ GR 15 351
Tel./Fax: +30 210 6658792


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